At first, you usually talk about it without really believing in it, because it seems unattainable, because you do not even know if you really desire it, if you are brave enough to do it or if you prefer to leave it to the “others”. That’s right, why would you brake a situation, a stability that sometimes took several years to set up ?

This furtive idea that you got one day, can sometimes be tougher than you ever imagined, and it then comes to your head more frequently, gradually turning into a “feasible” project. These obstacles that seemed insuperable at first, eventually end up being more achievable !

In some cases, this thought can finally transform in a real obsession and the project of traveling around the world will then become obvious to you.

This is the exact psychological evolution that we went through, Magdalena and I, in a short year, and this is why we are delighted to be able to realize this project together, just after being 30 years old each.

So there it is: decided ! We will travel in 2013 !

My name is Loïc, I am french, I have been working in the Telecom industry for 6 years, and the company I am working for has just given me the right for a year off, between May 2013 and April 2014.

Her name is Magdalena, she is Spanish, she has been working as a Physical Education teacher in France for 4 years, and started prepare herself for this experience in September 2012, emigrating for a while to the United Kingdom so that she could improve her level in English.

Through this introducing page, we share with you our enthusiasm about making this unique experience and we invite you to regularly consult this blog as we plan to share here as often as we will be able to.

Keep in touch with us !

Loïc & Magda

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