Reasons for leaving

What are the reasons for leaving ?
Not only to see and discover new perspectives. Leaving is personal thought, part of my destiny.
Without being able to explain it, the idea of leaving everything suddenly came up to us one day. At first: “Damn, it’s crazy”. After a few months, it had became an unattainable dream. After a few years, it had became our destiny, our project to a better life. Because with this project, which is not based on humanitarianism, we are looking for more humanity, more smiles and magic instants that are often blurred by the routine and stress of the Occidental way of life.

On the eve of our departure, many doubts arise, not existential doubts, but only material and superficial doubts. Drop the comfort of the Occidental way of life might frighten some people, but the lure of change is a far more powerful sensation.

As a preparation for this trip, I went to the United Kingdom to improve my English in order to communicate more easily with people. This lack in English was previously one of the reasons that prevented me from feeling good in international ambiances. I am telling this as a spiritual preparation for an adventure that we will probably never forget, because, during the three months spent in a small town, in Sussex, Southern England, I went through feelings and sensations that I barely knew the existence before.

By sharing this project with you, darling, we will discover many more, and the experience will probably remain forever in our memories. Now, we have to organize it, the best is yet to come.